Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Corn Cake

If you love cornbread, you’re going to absolutely adore this Mexican style corn cake. It’s creamy, buttery, it has a lovely crumbly texture and a delicious taste of sweet corn. It’s a dessert but also it’s a little bit bready, perfect for breakfast, to have with coffee or tea or as a midday snack.
Source:  https://club.cooking/recipe/corn-cake/

Corn Relish

If you’re tired of good old ketchup, mayo, onions and pickles relish and are looking for something that is both a little more sophisticated, a little less on the calorie count and a lot more homey, this simple corn relish is for you.
Source:  https://club.cooking/recipe/corn-relish/

Corn Meal Mush

I don’t know why lots of people hate porridge, but for some reason porridge does get a lot of undeserved spite. Perhaps it’s because most  porridges are rather unsightly looking. But the truth is, they are actually very really good for you. Especially porridges made with wholemeal grains, gluten free grains or grains that contain a lot of fiber and nutrients. 
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/corn-meal-mush/

Chipotle Corn Salsa

Mexican cuisine and food traditions are largely based on corn. You really can’t imagine Mexican food without corn. So it’s no wonder that some of the best recipes are of the Mexican origin.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/chipotle-corn-salsa/

Smoked Corn

Smoking adds a flavor to food no other method of cooking can reproduce. And if you have an outside grill or a smoker, during high season you probably smoke a lot of good stuff. Everyone knows about smoking meat, but what about veggies and other things that can go with meat?
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/smoked-corn/

Friday, September 27, 2019

Salmon Pesto

Pesto sauce is truly a universal garnish and it gives flavor to so many varieties of dishes. I love using pesto for pizzas and pastas, but I think it’s the meat and fish that truly opens the flavors of pesto.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/salmon-pesto/

Salmon Mousse

I really like homemade spreads for sandwiches and toasts, which is why I’m a huge fan of all sorts of preserves. But spreads don’t always have to be sweet. This salmon mousse is a great example of a homemade savoury spread. And I think it’s much better than any of the store-bought varieties that I’ve tried.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/salmon-mousse/

Reheat Fried Chicken

If you are like me and hate throwing away food then this amazing kitchen hack is right up your alley. Reheating fried chicken, so that the skin is still crispy and the chicken is not dry can be a challenge. You do not wanna end up with soggy chicken neither do you wanna and up with dried out, inedible chicken. So what is the trick? I’ve got you covered.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/reheat-fried-chicken/

Instant Pot Bbq Chicken

I am in love with the convenience of the instant pot, completely addicted. Everything cooks in half the time and the instant pot technique is absolutely effortless and fuss free.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/instant-pot-bbq-chicken/

Pan Seared Chicken

Pan searing chicken is the perfect method if you are looking for a crispy, delicious, beautiful golden brown crust on the outside. With minimal cooking time and no extensive prep involved, the technique is super quick and easy.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/pan-seared-chicken/

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Spice up your game day eats with these fuss free, flavorful and delicious buffalo chicken sandwiches. Made with the convenience of the slow cooker they basically cook themselves while you can enjoy watching your favorite team win.
Source: https://club.cooking/recipe/buffalo-chicken-sandwich/

Corn Cake

If you love cornbread, you’re going to absolutely adore this Mexican style corn cake. It’s creamy, buttery, it has a lovely crumbly textur...